Services Available through the OTN

Treatment services include detoxification, outpatient, intensive outpatient, methadone maintenance, residential, and intensive residential. However, along with the basic treatment programs we feel that the specialty services offered by OTN are equally important.

These include transitional housing, day care, transportation, specialized outpatient, intensive outpatient, and residential treatment for women, for adolescents, for adult corrections clients, and for dual-diagnosed clients. Though all of these services are not available in every OTN location, they nevertheless represent the most diverse seamless continuum of services available from any one source.

Each OTN member follows specific and standardized quality assurance procedures. Each OTN member has a long history of excellent clinical performance as measured against the Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR's). Ongoing Client Satisfaction Questionnaires (CSQ) indicate that 93% of clients felt very positive about their treatment and 90% of them would return in the future if necessary. 83% were pleased with the timeliness of the services rendered. It is important to note that this performance has been achieved with the most difficult populations presenting for service.

In a managed care environment, service to the client is only part of the picture. Each plan is looking for access to services for their members, quality services for their members, at a cost that is reasonable. 

OTN provides the highest degree of access in Oregon. OTN is the only major Chemical Dependency company or network continuously questioning their clientele about their satisfaction with services. And the OTN has done this at a cost well below the competition. OTN marketing efforts are based on superior access, excellent quality, at the most competitive prices in Oregon, offering "one- stop shopping" for plans needing to cover a large geographical area, while keeping administrative costs to a minimum.

The services at OTN are characterized by the following:

• OTN provides alcohol & drug treatment prevention and treatment services throughout the state of Oregon.

• All services are provided by existing, reputable, experienced providers.
• All providers have licensure/letters of approval from the State Alcohol
.and Drug Office
• All providers have demonstrated experience treating difficult and
chronic public sector clients

Specialty Services
Co-occurring Disorder
• Intensive adolescent outpatient and residential
• Generic-specific outpatient, intensive outpatient and residential
Women’s and Children’s Programs
• Methadone treatment
• Hispanic
• Smoking Cessation
• Life Skills Development
• Relapse Prevention
• Transitional Housing
Permanent Drug-Free Housing
• Child Care
• Detox
• Gambling Addiction Treatment

• Provides same day assessment services
• Provides 24-hour crisis access
• Provides residential treatment capacity, as needed
• Availability of services spans throughout Oregon

Quality Assurance
• Treatment is based on objective criteria (ASAM criteria) for patient
.admission, continued stay, and discharge
• Assured certification of program and clinical staff
• On-going, internal utilization review
• Formal longitudinal outcome research
• Continuous quality improvement based on patient satisfaction surveys
• Full continuum of treatment services