Prevention of alcohol, tobacco, other drug use by our children, and substance abuse by adults is the mission of the ADAPT Prevention and Intervention Program.


Prevention strategies include:
  • ADAPT Prevention Services
  • Intervention Facilitation
  • School Consultation/Staff Training
  • Screens (evaluations)
  • INSIGHT (MIP Diversion Program)
  • TEG (Tobacco Education Groups)
  • Conflict Resolution Training
  • Peers Helping Peers
  • TATU (Teens Against Tobacco Use)
  • Support Groups
  • Service Learning Project (selected schools)
  • Classroom Education
  • Community Training Events
  • Parent Education
  • Community Coalition Training &Support
  • Raising community awareness of the problem through written materials and public speaking.
  • Educational skill building in partnership with Douglas County schools, the Juvenile Department, local agencies, and clubs.
  • Providing positive alternatives for children and youth.
  • Early identification of problem behavior, family support and screening.
  • Community Together program development and support.
  • School and community policy development.

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