Privacy & Confidentiality

We do not collect, sell or otherwise distribute email addresses that we gain access to through this website. If you email us with a question or a concern and expect a response we will use your email address to reply. By using this system you are agreeing to this.

BE AWARE that there are very strict and specific Federal laws and State Laws that govern the Confidentiality of Alcohol & Drug Abuse Patient Records. Also the new HIPPA laws, while not as restrictive, have their own requirements about the disclosure of patient information. You can read Adapt's HIPPA Policy Statement HERE

According to the strictest reading of these laws a person who contacts us regarding a substance abuse problem or accessing treatment IS a patient once they make the contact. However we can NOT guarantee the security of any information that is transmitted electronically to or from this website. So if you have concerns about confidentiality issues please CALL US DIRECTLY at (541) 672-2691.

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