Program Costs

Unlike some other treatment agencies, we will NOT give you a list of program costs because treatment is a very individual process and it should be obvious that different people will need different levels of care. Also many of those "low prices" other programs advertise are dependent on signing contracts you may be held responsible for even if you leave treatment early.

At Adapt we bill "fee for service" which means we only charge for the services we provide.

We can tell you that our brief DUII education program is about $575, a Level 1 treatment program (appropriate for someone who does not present with a severe problem and has never accessed treatment before) will cost about $1800 and a more intensive treatment group or additional counseling or services will obviously be more. This is BEFORE any low income discounts are applied.

We encourage you to come in and talk to us to get a clearer idea of what services you might need and what they might cost. There is NEVER a charge for this initial inquiry appointment.

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