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Our Brand

Welcome to Our Brand.

Here, you’ll discover the thought behind our vibrant color palette, distinctive logo, and other elements that come together to express our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional integrated health care services while continually evolving to meet the needs of our community.

Our Name

Our official name is “Adapt Integrated Health Care”

We are often colloquially referred to as “Adapt”

Our Teams

Our Teams are referred to as:

  • Primary Care
  • Mental Health Care
  • Substance Use Treatment & Recovery
  • Prevention & Education

Our Logo

Our Adapt logo is not just a design, but a registered trademark in the state of Oregon. You’ll notice that while the trademark symbol isn’t always present, there are times it might be used based on specific stipulations. Our logo features a stylized “@” symbol accompanied by our name “Adapt” displayed in large, block, sans-serif letters. Beneath this, you’ll find “Integrated Health Care” presented in Cambria font.

Our Colors

Color is a cornerstone of our brand identity here at Adapt. We’ve carefully chosen a distinctive color palette that resonates with our mission and values, creating an instant connection and recognition for all who interact with our brand.

Whether it’s our designs, signage, digital media, or any other public-facing materials, we ensure they align with this unique color scheme. We hope this visual harmony makes your experience with Adapt memorable and meaningful.

HEX: #31414A RGB: 49 65 74 CMYK: 80 63 53 42 PantoneC: 432C
PantoneU: 5463U
HEX: #526E7D RGB: 82 110 125 CMYK: 72 49 39 12 PantoneC: 5405C
PantoneU: 5473U
HEX: #6EB3AB RGB: 110 179 171 CMYK: 58 12 36 0 PantoneC: 563C
PantoneU: 563U
HEX: #B8D7D9 RGB: 184 215 217 CMYK: 27 5 13 0 PantoneC: 552C
PantoneU: 552U
HEX: #D2A230 RGB: 210 162 48 CMYK: 18 35 96 1> PantoneC: 7563C
PantoneU: 110U
HEX: #8FC58F RGB: 143 197 143 CMYK: 46 3 57 0 PantoneC: 7487C
PantoneU: 7487U
HEX: #60696F RGB: 96 105 111 CMYK: 64 52 45 17 PantoneC: 431C
HEX: #E5E5E5 RGB: 229 229 229 CMYK: 9 6 7 0 PantoneC: 663C
PantoneU: 649U

Our Typography

At Adapt, typography is more than just text—it’s an integral element of our brand’s visual identity. We’ve carefully chosen a blend of serif and sans-serif font families to ensure our communications are both accessible and visually appealing.

Official Typefaces

Scotch Typeface
Trade Gothic Typeface

General Typefaces

Our Messaging

At Adapt Integrated Health Care, the way we communicate reflects our dedication to our communities, our mission, and the quality of care we provide. We believe in clear, consistent, and compassionate messaging that embodies the essence of our brand.

Positioning Statement

Adapt has pursued a course of growth and innovation to provide comprehensive, cost-effective care for our growing patient population. Despite our evolution to meet Oregon’s healthcare needs, our mission remains constant: to improve the health and lives of the communities we serve. Adapt Integrated Health Care has facilitated health and recovery for over 50 years, driven by our team of skilled, knowledgeable, and compassionate professionals dedicated to improving community health through increased access to world-class care services.

Key Messaging

“Adapt Integrated Health Care champions health and recovery by providing high-quality primary care, mental health care, substance use treatment, and prevention services to Southwest Oregon’s residents, ensuring quality care accessibility for all, irrespective of their ability to pay.”

“An Oregon leader in patient-centered primary care, behavioral healthcare, and prevention.”

“Adapt provides a path to high-quality care, with no wrong door to access services.”

“Adapt offers a comprehensive continuum of care — primary care, mental health care, substance use treatment, and prevention services.”

“Established in 1971, Adapt has been opening doors to health and recovery for over fifty years.”

“Adapt Integrated Health Care is committed to being a safe, supportive, and welcoming organization for all.”

Quick Statements

“Family-Centered, Person-Focused”

“Excellence & Innovation”

“Comprehensive, Integrated Care”

“Compassionate & Caring”

“Respectful, Safe, Encouraging”

“Accessible & Culturally Relevant”

“Collaborative & Cooperative”

“Ethical, Accountable, Trustworthy”

Design Standards

Our visual representation resonates with our mission, vision, and values. It’s essential to present our brand in a manner that is consistent, accessible, and relatable to our audience.


Our visual narratives should resonate with our foundational values of compassion, integrity, and dedication. We believe in the power of authenticity, which should encourage you to showcase real people, genuine moments, and heartfelt interactions.

As our aim is to connect deeply with our audience, consciously avoid imagery that feels sterile, clinical, or impersonal. Instead, choose to convey health and wellness as a holistic and community-centered experience.


All images should meet a minimum of 300 DPI for standard uses and up to 600 DPI for large format applications. Aim to capture natural light and candid moments.

For our digital spaces, especially web banners, we use horizontal cropping to improve appeal and decrease space use.

Ensure all images used are used with respect to copyright laws, ensuring that we use only the content we own or have licensed rights to.


Video content produced for our agency must be reviewed by our Communications Department.

To ensure accessibility, all videos must include accurate closed captioning. Do not rely on auto-captioning systems (e.g., YouTube’s CC system). Always listen to the video and correct all generated captions.

For B-Roll footage, emphasize a variety of shots, ensure tone relevance, and avoid excessive movement. Subjects appearing on camera are advised to wear comfortable apparel in solid colors, minimizing any potential distractions.

Graphic Design

We embrace creativity in the approach to design, especially as we continue into an era where being distinct builds recognition more than anything. In the creative process, though, we expect the following:

Designs should have a core theme of our community-centric approach. We manifest this in design choices that emanate a sense of warmth, comfort, and inclusion — such as the use of rounded edges, arcs, and softer elements. Furthermore, images or graphics portraying diverse community interactions and a focus on holistic well-being should be predominant.

Legibility through high contrast between text and background or other design elements should be prioritized. This is best achieved using contrasting colors from our designated palette. Special consideration should be given to creating designs that are discernible by those with color vision differences.

Our work is marked by its simplicity and boldness,, favoring high-impact visuals and innovative typography with “flat” shapes as background and containers.

Editorial Standards

Our speech matters. Therefore, our editorial standards are more than mere writing guidelines. They are instrumental in ensuring our mission, approach, and values are coherently articulated across all interactions — whether with clients, colleagues, stakeholders, or the broader community.

Stylistically, clarity, conciseness, and relevance are paramount. An active voice coupled with straightforward language achieves this. Technical jargon, unless indispensable, should be avoided or, if used, accompanied by clear explanations.

Our voice prioritizes community, collective work, and “togetherness.” Phrases like “we’re all in this together” and “our collective mission” should be at the forefront, reinforcing our shared objectives. We prioritize highlighting “how we help” over merely “what we do”, we speak about “helping people” instead of “treating disorders,” and encapsulating the essence of our services’ impact on individuals and the community at large.+

Ask a Question

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