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Interested in an Internship at Adapt?

We are proud to be a training site for behavioral health and healthcare professionals—many of our most talented staff started as interns. We invest a lot of time and resources in training interns and aspire to be selective in the process. Internships in different programs and locations vary according to the availability of supervisory resources. We encourage intern applicants to reach out at least 2-3 months before their potential start date, as many school programs start the process at least a semester in advance of placement.

We Offer

  • Regular supervision with qualified staff
  • Opportunities for observation through provision of direct client services, under supervision
  • Opportunities to learn and improve clinical documentation skills
  • A robust training calendar with many free training options and continuing education units through NAADAC
  • First consideration for entry level job openings

Steps to Becoming an Intern

  • Submit an application to Lisa Hubbard at lisah@adaptoregon.org
  • If a suitable placement is available, interview with Lisa and/or potential placement supervisor(s)
  • Coordination with school program (if any)
  • Onboarding through Human Resources Department

Please note that we do not offer paid internships.

You can start by completing an application and emailing it to lisah@adaptoregon.org.

For more information about internships, the application process, etc. please look at our Internship Handbook.