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Our Research

At Adapt, our dedication to advancing patient care transcends the clinic. Through rigorous research and collaborations, we remain at the forefront of innovations, continuously refining our approach to treatment.

Bridging Clinical Care

Adapt’s journey into research has always been fueled by our commitment to provide the best care. Since the early 2000s, Adapt has partnered with organizations such the NIDA Clinical Trials Network.

By actively participating in nationwide clinical trials, we’ve shaped the understanding of effective strategies for treating individuals with substance use disorders.

Current Research Projects

  • CTN-0100 Optimizing Retention, Duration, and Discontinuation Strategies for Opioid Use Disorder Pharmacotherapy: Adapt is one of 18 sites nationwide recruiting for this important study to test strategies to improve OUD pharmacotherapy treatment retention and to improve outcomes among patients who have been successfully stabilized on OUD medications and want to stop medication
  • U of O Center on Parenting and Opioids: Adapt is serving as a community partner for the CPO Data Collective to better understand how to best support pregnant and parenting people who experience substance use disorders. As a participating organization, Adapt treatment sites across the agency provide access to U of O research staff to recruit patients and clients who are interested in participating.

Past Studies

Ask A Question

To learn more about a specific active study, please contact us at the below by asking for our Research Team.

(541) 672-2691

To learn more about a completed study, follow the links for the specific study.