Women’s Services

What is trauma-informed care?

To learn more about trauma-informed care, visit traumainformedoregon.org

At Adapt, we understand that women face unique challenges when it comes to substance use and co-occurring disorders, including economic and relationship issues that can make treatment and recovery more difficult. Our outpatient and residential treatment services for women are designed to reduce barriers to treatment and to help women restore their health, confidence and lives.

What We Offer

Women’s Outpatient Treatment
Adapt’s Adult Outpatient Program offers comprehensive individual and group counseling for women who are able to continue with their daily activities while receiving treatment. Skilled counselors, individual treatment plans and flexible schedules help eliminate common barriers to care. We work with the Oregon Department of Human Services Child Welfare Program and other community organizations who share our commitment to helping women achieve recovery and successfully reunify with their children and families.

Life After Trauma
Trauma-informed care is an approach that is based on an understanding of and sensitivity to the impact that adverse life experiences—such as early childhood trauma or domestic violence—can have on the health and well-being of individuals and families. While all Adapt treatment services are trauma-informed, we offer specialized groups tailored specifically for women who have faced trauma in their lives. Adapt’s Life After Trauma group is designed to help women identify and heal the wounds that contribute to substance use and co-occurring disorders—such as stress, anxiety and depression.

Moms in Recovery
Addiction treatment during pregnancy can mean the difference between a healthy baby and a child with serious health problems. Our Moms in Recovery services are designed to give pregnant and parenting women and their children the best chance for health and recovery. Skilled counselors work with women to address the physical, emotional and social barriers to treatment and recovery, and provide evidence-based treatment that focuses on personal growth, family relationships, social support networks, parenting skills and how to maintain a safe and sober living environment.

ACTS Women’s Outpatient Treatment
Adapt offers outpatient treatment services specifically for women involved with the justice system. Our certified and highly skilled treatment team provides treatment for substance use and co-occurring disorders that is specific to the unique needs of women, focusing on the root causes of substance abuse and addressing the connection between substance abuse and criminal involvement. As with all of Adapt’s programs, ACTS provides trauma-informed treatment that seeks to help women restore hope, health and stability to their lives.

Parents & Children at The Crossroads
The Crossroads provides personalized residential care for both women and men affected by substance use and co-occurring disorders. For residents with children, The Crossroads offers programs and opportunities to strengthen and sustain child and family bonds. We work closely with Oregon Department of Human Services Child Welfare Program to arrange parent-child visitations and to accommodate women who wish to have their young children (under age 5) with them in treatment.

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