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Peer Support Services

Adapt Integrated Health Care Peer Support Services are designed to help our clients to be successful in their treatment, at home and in the community.

Peer Support Specialists receive specialized training and certification through the Oregon Health Authority. Because they often share common life experiences with the individuals they serve, our Peer Support Specialists bring valuable experience, knowledge and encouragement to help our clients and their families achieve their goals for a healthy and productive life.

Where can I learn more about Peer Support Services in Oregon?

Visit the Oregon Health Authority Peer Delivered Services webpage

What We Offer

  • Support to make connections in the community
  • Help to develop community navigation and integration skills
  • Connections to help transition to independent living and self-sufficiency
  • Assist in identifying barriers and solutions for needed resources and services
  • Assistance with group and class attendance
  • Provide individual and group activities in the community to help develop and maintain social networks and natural supports
  • Education and support to help individuals move forward with their goals

Douglas County

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