Adapt Celebrates Our “Great Place To Work” Recognition

Adapt Integrated Health Care’s recent recognition as a “Great Place To Work” highlights a culture of commitment, community, and care that permeates every layer of the organization.

Adapt Integrated Health Care recently hosted an Great Place To Work Recognition Event, a celebration and acknowledgment of the organization’s ongoing commitment to employee well-being and community health. The event featured impactful speeches from Stephanie Green, Adapt’s Chief Human Resources Officer; John Dimof, the Strategy and Partnership Director for Thrive Umpqua; and Kelsey Wood, Adapt’s Board Chair, each encapsulating the organization’s ethos of compassionate care and community focus.

Dr. Greg Brigham, CEO of Adapt, accepted the “Great Place To Work” certification on behalf of the entire organization, outlining how this recognition aligns seamlessly with Adapt’s mission.

The recognition showcases Adapt’s dedication to creating a workplace that is not just beneficial for its employees, but also serves as a cornerstone for community well-being. High levels of staff retention and job satisfaction were cited as key elements in offering consistent and quality patient care. Speakers at the event emphasized how this accolade strengthens Adapt’s reputation in the community, validates its inclusive culture, and also plays an economic role by contributing to a stable local economy.

According to Dr. Greg Brigham, the certification serves as a foundational step for Adapt’s long-term vision to meet more of the community’s needs and to continue to attract top-tier talent. The certification is more than just a seal of approval; it’s a message to the community that Adapt is an institution of excellence, committed to both its staff and the people it serves. “This recognition serves as both a celebration of what we’ve achieved and a promise of what we’re committed to in the future,” he said.

If you’re inspired by our culture of excellence and community focus and want to be part of our award-winning team, visit our Careers page to explore opportunities with Adapt Integrated Health Care!


Greg Brigham, CEO of Adapt Integrated Health Care


John Dimof, Strategy and Partnership Director for Thrive Umpqua


Kelsey Wood, Board Chair of Adapt Integrated Health Care


Stephanie Green, CEO of Adapt Integrated Health Care

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