Adapt Publishes 2022 Annual Report to the Community

Adapt Integrated Health Care is proud to unveil the 2022 Annual Report to the Community, offering reflective insight into the tireless efforts of our team and community partners over the past year.

Dr. Greg Brigham, CEO, shares, “As I look back on 2022, I am profoundly impressed and inspired by the work that our team has undertaken to fulfill our commitment to world-class primary care, mental health care, and substance use treatment. Our guiding star has always been our mission to promote health and restore lives. It’s with immense gratitude that I recognize the community’s unwavering support in helping us bring health within reach of countless individuals.”

An essential highlight of this year’s report underscores the significant role of our Behavioral Health Resource Network Peers. These professionals have been instrumental in bridging essential services. Beyond supplying necessities like food, water, and clothing, they’ve been pivotal in linking individuals and families to crucial health and social support services, especially for those facing access barriers.

This year, our organization proudly provided 178,561 in-person and tele-health service visits across our integrated system of primary and behavioral health care. Our team diligently supported 1,369 individuals, triple the amount from 2021, and promptly responded to 1,971 crisis calls, showcasing an intensified effort from previous years. The Sobering Center, another point of pride, saw 106 admissions in 2022, more than double our 2021 numbers.

Speaking on Oregon’s prevailing behavioral health workforce shortage, Dr. Brigham adds, “We faced this crisis proactively in 2022. Leveraging new funding avenues, we introduced a competitive compensation structure throughout our regional workforce. This forward-thinking move has fortified our ability to attract and retain exceptional professionals, ensuring our communities continue to benefit from top-notch care.”

Emphasizing the collective power of community involvement, Dr. Brigham shares, “This year’s achievements are a testament to the steadfast support and trust we’ve received. Our Annual Report is imbued with the tangible results of this shared journey.”

In conclusion, he conveys heartfelt gratitude from everyone at Adapt Integrated Health Care, stating, “Our Board of Directors, Executive Team, and all staff members join me in extending our deepest gratitude for the unwavering support and dedication to our mission. It’s through joint endeavors that we can effect meaningful change in southwest Oregon.”

For a detailed exploration of our 2022 milestones and accomplishments, we invite you to peruse the full Annual Report available here and to learn more about our other services here at