Adapt to provide support for Roseburg Warming Shelter

In the wake of an officer involved shooting, which occurred on Tuesday, February 28th, Adapt will assist Onward Roseburg in continuing to provide Warming Shelter Services.

The Adapt-owned building at 406 Winchester Avenue in Roseburg will serve as a host-site for the Roseburg Warming Shelter. This Shelter, a collaborative effort between the City of Roseburg and Onward Roseburg, provides shelter to those in need under the City’s Severe Event Shelter Policy, Resolution No. 2020-22.

This resolution provides operational standards to open a temporary emergency shelter in buildings not designated as residential occupancy. Those operational standards include allowing a warming shelter to open during severe weather:

  • On nights when the low temperatures are predicted to be 30 degrees Fahrenheit or less;
  • Or when low temperatures are forecasted to be 32 degrees Fahrenheit or less with additional factors that could increase a person’s risk of exposure to cold such as precipitation, wind, fog and sustained low temperatures.

Adapt is proud to provide support to our unhouse and underserved community members during this time.