Holiday Rest and Merriment

by Adapt Training and Development

Slow down. Enjoy rest and merriment. Don’t worry about what you should do this season, focus on how it should feel.

Heather Bruggerman @North Ridge Farm

As a person who often struggles with feeling I should be productive in my down time and on my weekends, Heather Bruggerman’s quote resonated with me as a good way to live in every season. Sometimes we can be so busy working through our endless to-do lists that we can feel we are missing – well, life. Since reading it, I have caught myself a few times, starting to think I need to … (do this or that) and I’ve made a real effort to consider how I want to feel both in the moment and throughout the day. If nothing else, it has helped me to feel more present.

Here are some nice resources to help you reduce holiday stress and “enjoy rest and merriment.”