Introducing “Onward & Upward:” Stories of Recovery

Adapt Integrated Health Care proudly announces the upcoming launch of “Onward & Upward.” This initiative, proposed by members of our peer outreach teams and produced by our Communications Department and Service Teams, aims to spotlight the powerful personal journeys of Oregonians in recovery across our community.

Our Intent with “Onward & Upward” is to develop more than a simple article series; we aspire to build a platform for the real-life stories of recovery from substance use disorders, mental health challenges, and other health issues. Its purpose is to celebrate resilience, offer hope, and provide insight into the varied paths of recovery. In our community, more than many others, the grip of addiction and health disparity is a common theme to us all.

By bringing these stories to light, we aim to break down stigma, encourage understanding, and foster a supportive community.

All those who have made a commitment to their recovery, whether a decade ago, a month ago, or the day they’re reading this, is welcome to contribute their story. Whether you are a client or patient of Adapt, a colleague or peer, or a community member with a story to share, we open our arms to any and all who take the leap of faith to believe and know that your recovery journey can inspire and educate others.

Operational Timeline

  • Submission Process:
    • Individuals interested in sharing their recovery stories can submit their experiences via our online form. Anonymization options are available for those who prefer privacy.
  • Selection and Filming:
    • Interviewees for the video series are selected quarterly from the pool of submissions. Only submissions for persons who indicate interest and have been on their road to recovery for 5 or more years are eligible to participate.
    • Participants will engage in a filmed interview with our Communications team, offering a chance to share their story in a dynamic and personal way.
  • Timeline for Production and Distribution:
    • Invitations Sent: 1st Monday of February, May, August, and November.
    • Reminder Sent: 2nd Monday of these months.
    • Confirmation Due: 3rd Monday of these months.
    • Participant Notified: 3rd Monday of these months.
    • Filming: 1st Monday of March, June, September, and December.
    • Final Draft Due: 3rd Wednesday of March, June, September, and December.
    • Distribution: 4th Wednesday of March, June, September, and December.

Our series is more than storytelling; it’s about showcasing resilience and courage in recovery. Each narrative is a beacon of hope, offering inspiration to others facing similar challenges.

If you’ve experienced this journey, we welcome your story. Your experiences could be the guiding light for someone at the start of their own path to healing.