Set Yourself Up for Success

by Adapt Training and Development

Setting yourself up for success simply means anticipating what you will need or what situations may cause you stress in the future and taking steps now to make things easier later. For instance, I am setting myself up for success by writing this tip now, pre-vacation, so it’s ready to roll when I get back to work, rather than scrambling to put something together my first day back. Other things you might do, for example, are meal prep over the weekend, picking out clothes for yourself or your littles the night before, or making the next day’s lunch the night before. You can even consider taking another vacation day after you get back from your trip to do laundry, grocery shop and catch up. You get the idea. A little extra effort on the front end makes things easier later on. 

We can do the same things at work. Cleaning up our work area before we leave for the day will give you a fresh start in the morning. Sometimes it’s easier to do the hardest tasks early in the day, if that’s practical, can free you up as the day wears on. Drinking enough water and taking movement breaks are also things that can help set you up for success.

These Daily Habits Will Set You Up For A Successful Life (from Be Well.