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Southriver Community Health Center Receives National Award for Information Technology Improvements

SouthRiver Community Health Center – a Patient Centered Primary Care Home serving the greater Winston area – was selected by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) as one of 1,310 health centers throughout the U.S. to receive national funding to support enhancements to the clinic’s health information technology (IT).

The $43,031 award will be used to “update the clinic’s electronic health record systems to improve the quality and experience of patient care while simultaneously increasing productivity and reducing costs,” said Tiffani Parker, SouthRiver’s Quality Coordinator.

According to the HHS news release, more than $87 million investment will go to health centers to “unlock health care data and put it to work, improving health outcomes and building a better health care system for the American people.” This is the first significant investment since 2009 directly awarded to health centers to support the purchase of health information technology.

Nearly 1,400 health centers operating over 9,800 sites provide care to more than 24 million people across this nation. In 2015, SouthRiver provided 12,986 clinical service visits to 2,851 patients, an increase of 183 patients over the previous year.

The increased use of health information technology is part of national efforts to build a health care system that delivers better care, smarter spending and healthier people.

For a list of these fiscal year 2016 Delivery System Health Information Investment Awards recipients, link.

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