Todd C. Munsey Retires from Adapt Board of Directors

Adapt Integrated Health Care today announces the official retirement of Todd C. Munsey from the Adapt Board of Directors.

Since 1999, Todd has served the mission of Adapt through his leadership, character, and compassion for those seeking health and recovery in our communities. Todd has volunteered his time and expertise to provide sound governance to guide the organization toward a sustainable future.

Todd served as Chair of the Board until June 2022, when he passed the gavel to Kelsey Wood, Board member since 2013. During his time with Adapt, Todd provided guidance and support as we expanded our services, shifted to our integrated care model, and made efforts to provide continuous service throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

“For over twenty years, Todd has been remarkably generous with his time and talents as a volunteer member of Adapts Board of Directors,” says Dr. Brigham, CEO. “Todd served as the Chair of our Board for my entire tenure at Adapt. He has shown up for our team in every way that really matters for a leader: integrity, encouragement, leadership, good humor, and a genuine interest in the wellbeing of others.”

As he departs, Todd leaves us with these words: “It has been a tremendous blessing to work with the Adapt Board of Directors. In my time as member and Chair, our highest priority was to ensure our amazing management and staff have the resources and tools they need to do what they do best: providing the highest quality primary care, behavioral health, and addiction treatment services available across southwest Oregon. I am proud of the team I have seen grow over these years and would like to commend Dr. Greg Brigham, CEO, and Bruce Piper, the previous CEO, for being the most caring, mission-driven individuals I know. I wish Adapt continued success in restoring health and life in our communities.”

We thank Todd for his years of service and wish him all the best in his retirement.

Adapt Integrated Health Care provides primary care, mental health care, and substance use treatment & recovery services to the communities of southwest Oregon.

The Adapt Board of Directors volunteer their time and expertise to provide sound governance to guide the organization toward a sustainable future. For more information, visit

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