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Forensic Services

The Adapt Integrated Health Care Forensic Mental Health Program works to evaluate and address the behavioral health needs of individuals involved with the criminal justice system. Our skilled and professional staff works closely with judges, legal professionals, parole and probation officials, local jails and detention centers to assist in cases involving individuals with mental health issues.

What We Offer

  • Jail Diversion Program (JDP)
    JDP is designed to provide appropriate treatment for individuals with a serious mental illness that is thought to be contributing to low level criminal behavior. The goal of JDP is to provide treatment to help avoid or reduce incarceration through appropriate community-based services, such as mental health and/or substance abuse treatment.
  • .370 Project (also known as Aid and Assist)
    The .370 Project is designed to aid individuals with a mental illness who are involved with the criminal justice system to achieve stabilization and a level of understanding of the charges against them so that they can participate in their own defense. For more information, contact our office or visit Oregon Aid and Assist.
  • Psychiatric Security Review Board (PSRB)
    Adapt works in cooperation with the Oregon PSRB to ensure that individuals diagnosed with a mental illness who have committed serious crime receive the necessary services and support to reduce the risk of future criminal behavior. We use recognized principles of risk assessment, victims’ interest and person centered care. For more information, visit Oregon PSRB.

Douglas County

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