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Early Assessment & Support

The Early Assessment & Support Alliance (EASA) team is committed to providing rapid identification, support, assessment and treatment for teenagers and young adults who are experiencing the early signs of psychosis.

EASA provides up to two years of treatment and support for Douglas County young people ages 15 to 25 who have experienced a first episode of psychosis or who have experienced risk symptoms within the last year that are not caused by a medical condition or substance abuse.

Our EASA clinical team consists of highly trained medical and mental health professionals, vocational specialists and occupational therapists who work with young people and their families to provide comprehensive and accurate assessment and the most effective treatment possible to support sustained health and well-being.

Where can I learn more about EASA?

For more information about EASA, visit the EASA Community

What We Offer

  • 24/7 crisis services
  • Rapid access to psychiatric and counseling services
  • Education about causes, treatment and management of psychosis
  • Coaching on rights to employment, school, housing and additional resources
  • Family psycho-education and support groups
  • Employment education and independent living supports
  • Access to local teams including psychiatrists, social workers, psychologists and occupational therapists
  • Referral to community services

Douglas County

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Curry County

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