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We’re here to connect you with the stories that matter. Our team at Adapt Integrated Health Care is dedicated to delivering accurate, informative, and impactful communication to our community across Southwest Oregon!

Whether you need to know more about our current services, require official statements or want to schedule interviews with our team members, we’re ready to help.

Reach out to our Director of Communications to get started!

Who to Contact

Samar Farooqui

Public Relations Specialist

E: samarf@adaptoregon.org
P: (541) 671-8996

Our Subject Matter Experts

Our SMEs are our Adapt team members who lead our service teams, programs, departments, and more through their years of professional experience in the health care field.

Theresa Lundy, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

Our lead on Medical Expertise, healthcare trends, and care developments!

Tom Sorrells, LCSW

Chief of Substance Use Treatment Services

Our lead on substance use treatment & recovery best practices, new developments, and Adapt’s SUD programs and services!

Cherie Barnstable, LCSW

Chief of Community Mental Health Services

Our lead on mental health care best practices, new developments, and Adapt’s MH programs and services!

Stephanie Green

Chief Human Resources Officer

Our lead on employee relations and rights, workforce development, and Adapt policy.

Jerry O’Sullivan

Chief of Regional Business Operations

Our lead on Grants, Facilities, & Special Projects!

Grey Garris

Director of Communications

Our lead on Adapt marketing, service overviews, and more!