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Meet a Team

  • Detox
    Welcome to the frontline of transformation—the Adapt Detox Team. Often referred to as the “welcome mat” of our services, the Detox Team is the first point of contact for many individuals embarking on their journey to sobriety and recovery. At this pivotal stage, the team ensures a safe and tailored withdrawal management experience. Understanding that… Read more: Detox
  • Grants Pass Office
    Meet the dedicated team at our Grants Pass Office, where every member works tirelessly to offer compassionate, comprehensive care and innovative support to those in need. Welcome to Adapt Integrated Health Care in Grants Pass, where our doors open to a world of healing and hope. Our team, ranging from Healthcare Services Coordinators to direct… Read more: Grants Pass Office
  • Compliance Team
    Meet our Compliance Team, the dedicated professionals who ensure the highest standards of integrity and quality in every aspect of our health care services. Meet the vital forces behind our pursuit of excellence at Adapt Integrated Health Care—the Compliance Team. Stationed at our bustling Roseburg facility, this team is more than just a regulatory body;… Read more: Compliance Team
  • Fresh Start
    Discover the Fresh Start program at Adapt, where we provide the crucial support single, non-parenting adults need to overcome addiction and rebuild their lives Welcome to Fresh Start, one of Adapt’s key initiatives dedicated to transforming lives through recovery. This program is specifically designed for single, non-parenting adults who are ready to make significant changes… Read more: Fresh Start
  • Crossroads Residential Treatment
    Explore the Crossroads program at Adapt, where we dedicate ourselves to guiding individuals through their recovery from addiction with a compassionate, holistic approach. For more than 40 years, Crossroads has stood as a beacon of hope in Southern Oregon, providing a nurturing environment where healing and transformation go hand in hand. Part of Adapt since… Read more: Crossroads Residential Treatment
  • Roseburg Sobering Center
    Get to know the dedicated team at the Roseburg Sobering Center, providing a haven for recovery and reducing the strain on local emergency services. The Roseburg Sobering Center, operated by Adapt, stands as a vital community resource at 251 NE Patterson Street. This center is more than a facility; it’s a pivotal community initiative designed… Read more: Roseburg Sobering Center
  • Opioid Treatment Programs
    Discover how our Opioid Treatment Programs (OTPs) provide comprehensive support and hope to individuals battling Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) through a blend of medication and counseling. At Adapt, we understand the complexities of Opioid Use Disorder (OUD)—a challenging journey marked by addiction to opioids like heroin and fentanyl, or the misuse of prescription medications such… Read more: Opioid Treatment Programs
  • Integrated Technology Services
    Get to know the IT Team at Adapt, the behind-the-scenes champions who ensure our technology powers our mission to deliver outstanding healthcare. In any modern healthcare setting, technology plays a pivotal role, and at Adapt, our Integrated Technology Services (ITs) Team is the backbone that keeps our digital world running seamlessly. As we kick off… Read more: Integrated Technology Services