Compliance Team

Meet our Compliance Team, the dedicated professionals who ensure the highest standards of integrity and quality in every aspect of our health care services.

Pictured From Left to Right:
Back Row: Victoria McNeely, CHC, CPHRM, CPHQ, HACP, CHA; Melissa Davis; Chavala Bates; Christine Melvin; Sierra Lewis; Debbie Standridge; Bonnie Dauterman, MHA, CHC
Front Row: Ian Ellis; Holly Hart; & Holly Oltman, CHPC

Meet the vital forces behind our pursuit of excellence at Adapt Integrated Health Care—the Compliance Team. Stationed at our bustling Roseburg facility, this team is more than just a regulatory body; they are the guardians of our values and the architects of trust and safety in our healthcare services.

Our Compliance Team encompasses several critical areas: Compliance, Quality Improvement (QI), Risk Management, and Health Information Management Systems (HIMS). Together, they work diligently to ensure our operations are not only compliant with federal and state regulations but also free from fraud, waste, and abuse. Their extensive responsibilities include overseeing program compliance with licensing and accreditation standards, handling investigations into grievances, and improving our services through detailed client satisfaction analyses.

But their role stretches beyond ensuring legal compliance. They also conduct thorough chart reviews, manage audits, train our clinical staff, and handle medical records and legal subpoenas. This team is crucial in maintaining our operational excellence, supporting both our staff and our clients by offering guidance, ensuring confidentiality, and fostering an environment where good faith reporting is encouraged.