Grants Pass Office

Meet the dedicated team at our Grants Pass Office, where every member works tirelessly to offer compassionate, comprehensive care and innovative support to those in need.

Back Row: Bethany Galli, Shawna Valadez, Zohair Hussain, Rachel Castellano, Shaina Arnett, Stephanie Lukaszewski, Tayla Griffin, Jamie Montenegro, Stephanie McGary, Glenda Lewis, Doug Cleveland
Front Row: Lia Crees, Brandi Johnson, Janae Delzell
Not Pictured: Cheryn Anderson, Jordyn Gerfen-Cox, Tony Hinojosa, Dawn McClelland, Britney Mcneill, Chris Tyler

Welcome to Adapt Integrated Health Care in Grants Pass, where our doors open to a world of healing and hope. Our team, ranging from Healthcare Services Coordinators to direct service providers, is committed to delivering trauma-informed and culturally competent care. Every person we meet is on a unique journey, and we’re here to support every step towards recovery and personal success.

At our Grants Pass location, we specialize in outpatient substance use disorder (SUD) treatment. Our services are as varied as the community we serve, including support from Certified Recovery Mentors, mental health services, DUII treatment, and crucial outreach for our houseless neighbors needing employment and housing assistance. Our approach is holistic; we treat not just addiction symptoms but also their underlying causes like trauma and mental health issues.

Collaboration is key to our success. We work closely with the Department of Human Services on projects like the Eveningside initiative, which provides temporary housing to help families stabilize and thrive. Our Addiction Recovery Team members integrate with DHS efforts, offering support and connecting parents battling substance issues with vital services.

This past year has seen exciting expansions, including the early stages of our Early Engagement Housing to combat housing insecurity and a new partnership with the Grants Pass Police Department to respond to overdoses. We’re also involved with the Juvenile Justice system and BEAR Court, demonstrating our comprehensive approach to community support.

As we look to the future, our excitement grows with each new opportunity to enhance our services and deepen our impact. The Grants Pass Outpatient Services team is more than healthcare professionals; we are passionate advocates for health and recovery, committed to every client’s well-being.